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044 area code on telephone displays

Biel-Bienne, 06.01.2005 - With effect from March 2005, telephone numbers with the 01 area code will be displayed on telephones exclusively as 044. This is when telecommunications service providers are changing the 01 area code over to 044 in their telephone networks. Subscribers to most telecommunication services providers will receive a leaflet from the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) with all the information relevant to the area code changeover with their January or February bills.

In March 2005, the 01 area code is being changed to 044. Equipment displaying the calling number will no longer be able to associate incoming calls with the 044 area code to the number that has been stored with 01.  Therefore, they will display only the number and no longer the name associated with that number.  01 numbers stored in directories, databases, electronic diaries, emergency and alarm equipment should be updated after the changeover to the 044 area code, so that incoming calls will continue to be displayed with the relevant name.

Necessary alterations

Holders of 01 numbers are recommended to inform all their private and business contacts of the changeover to the 044 area code as soon as possible, in addition to planning or implementing the necessary alterations to printed material, signwriting on buildings and vehicles, as well as any information provided on the internet.  Users of PBX exchanges and alarm equipment can find out from their telephone installation company or telecommunication services providers what technical precautions are necessary for the changeover of the area code to the ten-digit number format.

All customers informed

OFCOM has collated all the information necessary for the change of area code. Subscribers to most service providers will receive a leaflet from OFCOM with their next bill giving all the information about the change of area code.  As well as this leaflet, OFCOM is also providing a comprehensive dossier on the internet at: www.ofcom.ch/044. There is also a hotline for all queries - 0800 210 210.

It has been possible to dial 01 numbers in the Zurich area using the new 044 code since March 2004.  In all cases, the individual seven-digit telephone numbers remain the same, as do existing numbers which already have the 044 or 043 area code. The Federal Office of Communications recommends using the 044 area code with immediate effect. The 01 code will not operate after April 2007, but until that date both the 044 and 01 codes can still be used concurrently.

Address for enquiries:

Caroline Sauser, OFCOM Press Officer, +41 32 327 55 50


Federal Office of Communications
Internet: http://www.ofcom.admin.ch
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