“It is a question of balance”: opening address by the President of the Swiss Confederation at the WEF Annual Meeting

Bern, 21.01.2020 - On Tuesday, 21 January, President Simonetta Sommaruga opened the 50th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos together with Professor Klaus Schwab. In her opening address, she expressed her concern at the state of the planet. In international politics, as in the way we treat the environment, it is a question of finding the right balance.

In her opening address, Ms Sommaruga expressed her concern over politically motivated hate, intolerance and revenge. She also stressed that there can be dramatic consequences for society and the economy when economic interests are given more weight than the needs of humans and nature.

Ms Sommaruga illustrated the urgent need for international action to protect biodiversity with an extract from the documentary film ‘More than Honey’ by Swiss film director Markus Imhoof. Politicians and businesses throughout the world must work to restore balance and to curb climate change.

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