Energy Strategy 2050

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Energy markets around the world are in a state of upheaval due to low energy prices and the rapid development of new technologies. Climate change is also affecting the environment, the economy and society. The Federal Council is responding to these changing circumstances in its Energy Strategy 2050 to ensure that Switzerland continues to have a secure energy supply.

The Energy Strategy 2050 is being implemented gradually. By approving the revision of the Energy Act in May 2017, Swiss voters gave the go-ahead to a first series of measures to restructure the country’s energy system. These are intended to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energies. Furthermore, the construction of new nuclear power stations will be prohibited. By applying this strategy Switzerland can reduce its dependency on imported fossil fuels and strengthen domestic renewable energies. It can also create jobs and boost investment in the country.

The 3 pillars of Energy Strategy 2050

Saving energy and improving efficiency

The Energy Act contains a number of incentives to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency in buildings, transport and electrical appliances. There is great potential to make savings in these areas. Financial incentives and technical regulations help to maximise that potential – and reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels.

Promoting renewable energies

The role played by home-grown renewable energies should be strengthened. These include traditional hydropower as well as ‘new’ renewable energies such as solar power, wood, biomass, wind and geothermal energy. It is a worthwhile approach because the more renewable energies are available, the less Switzerland will be dependent on imports of fossil fuels.

Withdrawal from nuclear power

Under the revised Energy Act the construction of new nuclear power stations will be prohibited. Existing nuclear power stations will be allowed to remain in operation as long as they can do so safely, but they will not be replaced once they have been decommissioned. However, there is no ban on specific technologies: nuclear research can continue.

Detailed information on the Energy Strategy 2050, specific measures and the vote on the Energy Act can be found in our dossier in German, French or Italian.


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