Federal Office of Communications OFCOM

Philipp Metzger, Director, Federal Office of Communications OFCOM
Philipp Metzger, Director of the Federal Office of Communications

Every day we listen to the radio, use the telephone, write e-mails, surf the internet and watch TV. A stable communication infrastructure is what makes using all of these services possible. The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) is the agency responsible for enabling, licensing and supervising these services.

The growing needs of the 21st century require higher-performance infrastructures. OFCOM guides major development processes at the political level to ensure that the benefits are enjoyed by everyone in Switzerland. OFCOM is currently working with major companies in this sector to connect the Swiss population to high-speed telecommunication networks.

OFCOM also assigns radio and television frequencies. It sees to it that individual radio and television programmes are compliant with regulations - such as those banning surreptitious advertising - and ensures that fee revenue is adequately distributed to all regions of Switzerland.