Federal Offices


Federal Office of Transport FOT

The FOT is the federal office for public transport. From Intercity trains to trams, cablecars and even paddle steamers, Switzerland has a comprehensive and reliable transport network. The FOT makes sure that it remains that way, and that the network, despite pressure to cut costs, is further modernised. Since the start of 2006, it is also responsible for maintaining the interests of Rhine navigation at international level.

Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA

The FOCA supervises civil aviation in our country and places great emphasis on air safety. It is also involved in the discussions surrounding the approach path procedures to Zurich airport and more generally in the shaping of government guidelines in the rapidly evolving airline industry.

Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE

The FOE is the federal competence centre for issues relating to energy supply and energy use. With the new long-term energy policy (Energy Strategy 2050) the SFOE’s objectives are to promote efficient energy use and the use of renewable energy, and reduce the level of CO2 emissions. It is also responsible for ensuring high safety standards, providing efficient framework conditions on the energy market and coordinating Swiss energy research.

Federal Roads Office FEDRO

FEDRO ensures that our roads run as smoothly as possible. It is also responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of the national road network and supervises numerous large-scale projects until their completion.

Federal Office of Communications OFCOM

OFCOM steps in when the sponsoring codes contained in the Federal Radio and Television Act are infringed. It supervises radio and TV stations in Switzerland not just in terms of product placement, but also decides on frequency allocations and ensures that the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation fulfils its duty to provide programming for all parts of the country.

Federal Office for the Environment FOEN

In its role as the specialist office for environmental matters in the Federal Administration, the FOEN strives for a healthy ecosystem and the protection of plants and animals; it also protects the population from negative influences such as noise, air pollution or natural hazards such as flood protection.

Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE

The ARE is responsible for coordinating measures between the federal agencies, the cantons and the communes, for example, when housing and traffic planning in built-up areas have to be reconciled or to counter urban sprawl. The Spatial Development Report 2005 identifies new approaches and works towards updating the Spatial Planning Act.